• Sumner Closet

    Sumner Closet

    Framed photos in closet.

  • Charleston Roses

    Charleston Roses

    Coffe tray with roses,Charleston,SC.

  • Lillies


    Lillies arranged on marble mantle.

  • Table Setting

    Table Setting

    Table setting,Charleston,SC.

  • Table Setting for Mimi

    Table Setting for Mimi

    Table setting with soup,New Orleans,LA

  • Sideboard with Sculpture

    Sideboard with Sculpture

    Sideboard with sculpture,masks,and inlay.

  • Sideboard with Yellow

    Sideboard with Yellow

    Yellow themed room with sideboard and food.

  • Custom Desk

    Custom Desk

    Custom desk in niche in loft,New York City.

  • Kitchen Table

    Kitchen Table

    Pink table in loft kitchen,New York City.

  • Vermont Bureau

    Vermont Bureau

    Three bureaus in Vermont farmhouse after VerMeer.

  • Loft Bedroom

    Loft Bedroom

    Bed in unfinished loft,New York City

  • Stair Landing

    Stair Landing

    Photo in stair landing,Jamestown,NY.

  • Badminton Court

    Badminton Court

    Curved wall of indoor badminton court,New York City.

  • 1haze_stair


  • 1haze_stair_to_hall


  • 1saladino_fl_1


  • 1fire_mantle


  • Glass Girls

    Glass Girls

    Glass sculpture with couch and birdbath,New Orleans,LA

  • Study With Books

    Study With Books

    Atlanta study with books and engravings.

  • 1spanish_atlanta


  • The Mount Dining Room

    The Mount Dining Room

    Edith Wharton's Berkshires country house, The Mount.

  • Richland Sitting Room

    Richland Sitting Room

    Richland plantation, North of Natchez, MS.

  • 1dufy_chairs