• Jefferson Bust

    Jefferson Bust

    Bust of Jefferson on floor of Monticello dome room with outsize base moulding.

  • Monticello Moon Dome

    Monticello Moon Dome

    Monticello octagonal dome seen from West at sunset with moon.

  • Monticello Dome Room

    Monticello Dome Room

    Monticello Dome room with chair for scale.

  • Dome Room Window

    Dome Room Window

    View from Monticello's dome room to Carter's mountain.



    In-wall bed with closets above and right.



    Thomas Jefferson's inwall bed in red with study behind and South walkway beyond the doors

  • Jefferson's Cabinet

    Jefferson's Cabinet

    Thomas Jefferson's study with polygraph, telescope, and surveyor's equipment.

  • Jefferson's Polygraph Detail

    Jefferson's Polygraph Detail

    Thomas Jefferson's polygraph used to make copies of his letters.

  • Jefferson's Architectural Table

    Jefferson's Architectural Table

  • Tea room

    Tea room

    Jefferson's friends at sunset.

  • Tea Room Service

    Tea Room Service

  • Silver Askos

    Silver Askos

    Jefferson design copied from Roman askos used for oil or wine.

  • Ben Franklin Bust

    Ben Franklin Bust

    Ben Franklin bust in tea room with West portico and dome room railing out window.

  • Monticello Wide West

    Monticello Wide West

    View through Monticello from West to East at sunset.

  • Monticello Living Room

    Monticello Living Room

    Living room in late sun looking toward East entry hall.

  • Monticello Automatic Door

    Monticello Automatic Door

    Automatic door of Jefferson's design looking to East entry.

  • Living Room  to Dining Room

    Living Room to Dining Room

    Monticello living room looking toward dining room and tea room.

  • East Entry Hall

    East Entry Hall

    Monticello East entry hall from balcony with busts and Lewis&Clarke artifacts.

  • Golden Federal Eagle

    Golden Federal Eagle

    Federal plaster eagle in cieling of East entry hall.

  • Ariadne Warms Herself

    Ariadne Warms Herself

    Reclining Ariadne in front of East entry mantle with classical frieze.

  • Southeast Corner in Fog

    Southeast Corner in Fog

    Greenhouse and double window view in fog.

  • flowers south walk

    flowers south walk

  • Chinese Railings

    Chinese Railings

    Chinese railings border the walkways setting them off from otherwise Western classical motifs.

  • South Terrace Walkway

    South Terrace Walkway

    South terrace built on roof of service wing including kitchen and smokehouse.

  • South Terrace Chimney

    South Terrace Chimney

    South terrace walkway with kitchen chimney and original South Pavillion dependancy in distance.

  • Montecello from Northwest

    Montecello from Northwest

    Monticello in June from Northwest.

  • Monticello From West.

    Monticello From West.

    Monticello from West at sunset, "the nickel view".

  • Monticello With Dependancies

    Monticello With Dependancies

    Wide view from gardens from West with both Palladian dependancies.

  • Apple Orchard Spider Web

    Apple Orchard Spider Web

    Renovated apple orchard below the vegetable garden to the South of Monticello.