• Museo Rouge

    Museo Rouge

    Random moment with life imitating art,Metropolitan Museum of Art,New York City.

  • Delta Wedding

    Delta Wedding

    Pregnant woman with Rolleiflex having a moment at wedding in Mississippi Delta.

  • vaseline girlz

    vaseline girlz

    Vaseline glass with les girlz qui s'amuse.

  • Icie Lee

    Icie Lee

    Icie Lee Broomfield in front of her house in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Delta Dawn

    Delta Dawn

    Maude Schuyler Clay out near Lombardy in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Horse 'n Rider

    Horse 'n Rider

    Sweaty horse and rider in front of rusted car in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Befogged as Before

    Befogged as Before

    Horse surrounded by photo primaries red, green, and blue.

  • Urban Desert

    Urban Desert

    Red roof of a car with desert scene on side of van in middle distance with red and white brick wall in distance

  • Horse Tomatoes

    Horse Tomatoes

    Newspaper with image of horse statue under tomatoes in basket

  • Extreme Hoar Frost

    Extreme Hoar Frost

    Metal gate in field coated with heavy hoar frost.

  • Delta Shells

    Delta Shells

    Winter landscape in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Sophie and Friends

    Sophie and Friends

    Sophie Clay with dolls, Sumner, MS.

  • Hampton Inn Grin

    Hampton Inn Grin

    Existential daymare atHampton Inn breakfast room with man grinning on TV.

  • Boxcar House

    Boxcar House

    Generic Southern bungalo seen through graffitied double railroad boxcar doors.

  • Jesus Have Called

    Jesus Have Called

    Grave marker in Mississippi Delta with red plastic telephone on bed of plastic flowers

  • Xmas Cake Compost

    Xmas Cake Compost

    First Christmas cake makes it to decaying compost.

  • Man Made God

    Man Made God

    "Man Created God Religions Are Myths And Superstitions" stamped on back of five dollar bill with ice cream truck and Safety Clown in background.

  • Make Your Path

    Make Your Path

    Sign painter brightens as he hasn't come soon enough. Reform Alabama.

  • Santa Mailbox

    Santa Mailbox

    Rules of the road but once a year.

  • Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Classical sculpture being cleaned.

  • Marilynn Toilet

    Marilynn Toilet

    Marilynn Monroe poster partially reflected in medecine chest mirror.

  • New Yorker Coke Lady

    New Yorker Coke Lady

    Wall painting and magazine in bathroom.

  • Girley Machete with Pink Okra

    Girley Machete with Pink Okra

    Machete on faded table with pink okra.

  • Stigmata Hari

    Stigmata Hari

    Man with stigmata and armless woman.

  • Wheelchair Accident Incident

    Wheelchair Accident Incident

    Broken eggs in handicap parking spot,Memphis,TN.

  • Tebbets Looking at You

    Tebbets Looking at You

    Lifelike bust in grave marker, Mt. Auburn Cemetary, Cambridge, MA.

  • Golden Football

    Golden Football

    Trophy under lock and key, Rosedale courthouse, Mississippi.

  • Moomma, Poppa, Baby Worlds

    Moomma, Poppa, Baby Worlds

    Store window in New York City

  • Smoky Joe

    Smoky Joe

    Rusted toys from childs desk, Sumner, MS.

  • Billy Swordfish

    Billy Swordfish

    Poet Billy Collins under swordfish.

  • Easter Boy

    Easter Boy

    Schuyler Clay on Easter Sunday, Bayou Bend Country Club, Sumner, MS.



    Sophie's scene in the TV room at age 4.



    Maudie at the Principe Hotel in Florence Italy in 1983.

  • Hiway Girl

    Hiway Girl

    Yearbook photo in dash of car near Rosedale, MS.

  • Maudie 325 Lover's Lane

    Maudie 325 Lover's Lane

    Portrait with chandelier,Ocean Springs,MS.